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Welcome to Carolyn's Coaching

As a  multipassionate educator and coach I can help you with several  challlenges you may be facing.

  • Are you a teacher who is  considering a career change or retirement? If that's you, I can  help you discover your purpose and goals and make your career change happen?
  • If you're a teacher of Adult ESL students who is having difficulty finding suitable resources, I can make your life much easier with my  Adult ESL Resouces, that are appropriate and meaningful for adult students.
  • Or, you might be an ESL student looking for a teacher to help you pass your IELTS exam

  My purpose and passion is to help people achieve their goals and live the life that they desire.  I am a  Career Coach and  former teacher. I have qualifications and experience in Psychology, Education, Training as well as Life Coaching. I have a wealth of life experience and I've undertaken many transitions in my life; in relationships, jobs, careers and moving countries. I can support you to discover your purpose and create a  career and life that is fulfilling.

Your first step ?  Have a look at my resources in the Marketplace below😊

Available Resources

Career Change for Teachers

You know you want to leave teaching but you don't just want to fall into any job, you want the RIGHT career for you. You want a career that is meaningful and fulfilling.

This course uses a 6 step process which will help you work out what the best career is for you based on your purpose, values, strengths, skills, interests and passions.  The activities in this course will help you discover and articulate what you have to offer a new career. It will also help you work out what YOU want from YOUR career so that you can find a meaningful career that is RIGHT for you.

At the end of the course you will have  completed some detailed and focused job search with 1- 3 possible career options and be ready to start the application process.

Getting Started with Career Change for Teachers

Do you know you want to leave teaching but you've got no idea what  you want to do or how to get started?

Well you're not alone and you're in exactly the right place.

This course was created for teachers exactly like you

This step by step guide  will help you to get started with a career change.

I know just how busy teachers are (because I was a teacher too) so I have broken this down into bite sizes actionable steps to help you work out what you want and what you have to offer. 

Resumes and Cover Letters for Teachers

Resumes and Cover Letters for Teachers is your easy (one stop) guide to writing a resume and cover letter that showcases your teaching skills to the corporate world in a way that the corporate world will understand.

This short course will answer all your questions about writing a transition from teaching resume that will be noticed and get you interviews for the job you want at a very affordable price.

Mini Career Coaching Package for Teachers

This is a Mini Career Coaching package for teachers who are  burnt out and ready to quit, but don't know if that’s the right thing to do right now?  Changing careers is a huge decision, especially if you've been teaching for a long time and you've put your life and soul into it. 

This 90 minute package will provide  personalised support so that you can gain clarity to make the right decision for you.

One to One Coaching

Want to get out of teaching but have no idea where to start? 

I help burnt out, exhausted teachers design a meaningful career path that will help restore your work/life balance.

Alternative Careers for Teachers

This is a FREE resource for teachers who would like to know what other careers would suit them.  Teachers can only teach right?  No wrong, there are lots of other careers that are right for teachers. Find out here:

Adult ESL Resources - Freebie

Do you teach Adult ESL Students and

  • struggle to find resources that  are appropriate for your beginner adult students?
  • don't have time to create your own resources?
  • want something that was written for adults not children, with no childish illustrations?
My Resources Available Resources
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