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Resumes and Cover Letters for Teachers

Resumes and Cover Letters for Teachers is your easy (one stop) guide to writing a resume and cover letter that showcases your teaching skills to the corporate world in a way that the corporate world will understand.

Are you ready to write a resume, that looks professional, is up to date, describes your skills perfectly and most importantly will get you interviews for your ideal jobs?   Would you like to do this quickly, easily and for only a few dollars?

If you said YES read on because I have a great solution for you.

I get many questions from teachers about resume writing, this resource will answer all these questions and more.

  • Which style?
  • What is the best format?
  • Which font?
  • What do I include/what do I leave out?
  • What are my transferable skills?
  • How do I describe my skills?
  • What do I put in a cover letter?
  • Is a cover letter necessary?
  • Why doesn't my 'teacher' resume work?

The truth is things have changed

Teacher resumes and corporate resumes are different so you’ll need to throw out that old teacher resume you used a few years ago because it won’t work outside the classroom today.

Resumes have changed a bit in both format and content so if it’s been a while since you applied for a job, this will be a good refresher.

There is no one size fits all resume, much of what you include in your resume will depend on the job you are applying for.


Do you want a quick and easy way to write your own resumes and cover letters ?

This is for you if you:

  •  have decided which career path you want to take
  •  have questions about resume styles and formats
  •  want to write your own unique resume that reflects your own skills and abilities
  • are prepared to customise your resume for each position you apply for
  • have only ever written 'teacher' resumes
  • would like a cost effective solution


In this resource you'll get:

  • Information about the different resume styles and when to use them
  • A detailed info sheet on writing your resume
  • A detailed info sheet on writing a cover letter
  • Information on Identifying and Communicating your Transferable skills
  • 2 x Resume templates
  • 1 x Cover letter template


This is awesome!!! I got it and she has simplified the steps, reasons behind which style is better for you and how to translate teacher skills into corporate ones. I highly recommend.  Leslie Durbin  January 2023

Here are some of the elements of the course that other teachers who have bought this course found useful:

"This is so well organized and easy to digest. The thought of leaving the only career you know is terrifying and overwhelming, but this made it approachable."

"The examples of corporate language are very useful"

" Visually seeing a correct format for resumes."

"Translating my transferable teaching skills into business skills"

I found it all very useful. I love the examples of the transferable skills to corporate language. Very beneficial. Also, I have been around for a while, and I appreciate the ways to help stop age discrimination. I plan on working for many more years and only want to get out of education.

I found the chart with the transferable skills with example idea jobs to be helpful, as those are common jobs that educators get into as they transition out of the classroom. I felt like the skills mentioned would be ones applicable to many job types.

 I REALLY loved the transferable skills chart. Extremely helpful!!!!

 You'll get all this for just US $10

Click that button now!  You know you want to!

1 Module

Resumes and Cover Letters

This is for you if  you are a teacher changing career career with no idea how to write a  non teaching resume? In this short course you'll find out everything you need to know to write your own career change resume and cover letter,

Modules for this resource 1
This is EXACTLY what I need!

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